Friday, February 15, 2013

Another record-breaking success

Thanks to my generous friends, we have raised over $1,500 for Sloane-Kettering. Time for a pat on the back for everyone who helped. There's still time to give, which you can do here.

But what you're really interested in would be the pies, right? Beautiful pictures of tasty pies? Coming right up!

Ten pies, all lined up and ready to be loved. And by loved, I mean eaten.

So, one by one:
Cranberry Orange Walnut. Tart and sweet.

Razzle Dazzle (mixed berries).
Pecan. This year, again, made without Karo. Still delicious.
Chocolate Silk Pie. Emphasis on chocolate.
Treacle Tart (a childhood favorite of Mom's).
Buttermilk Pie. A fan favorite. So popular, it got sponsored twice.
Blueberry Pie. Because what pie party is complete without one?
Apple Pie. Because Apple Pie is delicious.
Chocolate Chess Pie. Because people can't get enough chocolate.
Key Lime. We decided that next year, there will be two of these.

Mom points to the Key Lime Pie (she did most of the work on that one).
I admire my creation.
We washed this all down with six bottles of Prosecco.
The neighbors came by afterwards and took some samples. You'll notice that there's also a slice of a Tarte Tatin I made. It was delicious, but not photogenic. Kinda looked like it had been run over by a truck. More work required for next year on that one.
Finally, the pie-making superhero reveals his true identity (or does he?).

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