Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gifts from afar

Not everyone who donated could make it to the party, which was in a way a relief for me, as I would have had to bake several more pies. To recognize those who sponsored pies (but who will "collect" later), I put up a sign, which I posted over the table.

And to give a little context (and to see the aftermath of the pie-eating):


To keep focused on the point of this whole event, I'd like to point out that my generous friends have raised nearly $900 so far. Well done!

Vanity picture

The pies, observed by their creator.

Treacle Tart, sponsored by Paul Duffy

Despite this being Harry Potter's favorite dessert, most Americans are still unfamiliar with the joys of treacle tart. What are you waiting for, people?

Sweet Potato Pie with Pecan Streusel, sponsored by Eva Pendleton and Patrick Barnhart

The party fell on Patrick's brother's birthday, so Patrick and Eva wanted to sponsor a pie with him in mind. They asked what his favorite pie was, and he (smartly) replied "my wife's sweet potato pie." The recipe was procured, and it was a surprise hit.

Pecan Pie, sponsored by Mom

My cousin Stephanie died of cancer last year, and Mom wanted to sponsor a pie.

"Mexican" Apple Pie, sponsored by Ethan & Kathy Finneran

"Mexican" in that it involved using piloncillo, an unrefined cane sugar. Not a crowd favorite.

Mango Tart, sponsored by Neil Tolciss and Karen Brinkman

Key Lime Pie, sponsored by Caitlin Leffel

Caitlin asked me to bake a Key Lime Pie, as her mother, who battled esophageal cancer, considered this to be her favorite pie. Mom, who was an enormous help putting together this party, wanted to do some baking, and Key Lime Pie is in her repertoire, so I let her take this on. The pie upstaged the other ten that I baked. Well done, Mom.

Blueberry Pie, sponsored by Laz Benitez

Shaker (Meyer) Lemon Pie

I had seen a recipe for Shaker Lemon Pie on America's Test Kitchen (or perhaps Cooks Country), and then another recipe using Meyer lemons. And then FreshDirect had Meyer lemons on sale, which I took as a sign.

Apple Pie, sponsored by Marilyn Shaw and Marty White

Razzle Dazzle Pie, sponsored by Tiffany Barfield

After several attempts to make a blackberry-centered pie for Tiffany, I asked her if there was a particular pie she had in mind. "I really like the one my mom gets at the store called Razzle Dazzle Pie." A quick Google search later, I found a recipe, which was easy to make and was exactly what was called for.

Buttermilk Pie, sponsored by Alexander Stephens

2011: A Pie-riffic Success

Last year's Pies Against Cancer Party was great, but this year's version was even better. More pies, more money raised to fight cancer, and more prosecco consumed. Less ice cream and fewer guests, but still, a success. Enjoy the pictures.