Monday, March 29, 2010

Sponsorships are coming in

My friends have been very generous, and several pies have already been sponsored.

My brother Alexander has made a request for a blackberry pie (it seems that Tiffany is fond of blackberries).

Shea has opted for the buttermilk pie. A wise choice.

And Patrick and Eva, well they have a weimaraner named Mercury Pendlhart. I'll let them explain: "In honor of the Thanksgiving when our beloved pooch broke into the kitchen (while we were at the movies) and ate an entire pumpkin pie (but left the apple intact) we would like to claim the Mercury Pendlhart Pumpkin Pie." Pumpkin it is. I figure they'll leave Mercury at home, though.

Some other friends have donated $31.42 or more, but they haven't told me which pie they want to sponsor. The possibilities are endless.

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